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My First Game of Dungeon World

This is a narrative of my first game of Dungeon World.  Commentary on the game and how it went in my next post.  Reposted after correcting some spelling, punctuation and sentence structure errors.

The Airship

A large party assembled at the coastal town of Fishbasket to escort a trade caravan to Academ about two days north.  Of the nine who initially showed interest in the mission, only 3 remained to escort three wagons.  The Ranger Tana and her pet hawk, Airwolf.  The Paladin "Gabriel Cassius" of the (now declining) Black Templar order, sworn to destroy witches wherever they may be found, armed with his engraved maul.  And lastly but not leastly the Dwarven Artificer named Thrawn Blastmaker, a priest of a dwarven technology cult.

One wagon contained a load of silks and linens, the second driven by Adrik, a wizened elderly trader carried magical powders and artifacts bound for the academy of wizardry in Academ, and another of ocean based goods.  Of particular interest to Thrawn was a large cube carried in Adrik's wagon embedded with brownish gems on each face.

The After about a day's journey, on a cloudy, cool day, the caravan was travelling the road through rough terrain next to a mountain range when they heard loud squealing sounds on the other side of a hill.  Thrawn activated his invisibility device and scouted forward, to find 6 Pig Men flailing about at a river crossing.  They could have been fishing or just wrestling. Cassius also came forward and Tana worked her way eastward across the rough to cover with her bow.  Thrawn returns to warn the caravan not to proceed until they deal with the pig men.

Cassius meanwhile steps forward to challenge them.  The pig men are large and tough looking, but timid.  Shaking their spears and squealing challenges.  Two come forth to fight Cassius.  Cassius Crushes one with his Maul while the other approaches with his spear.  Thrawn blasts another with his energy bolt thrower device.  Just then the party hears a loud hissing sound and a giant airship (held aloft by a large blimp baloon) comes down from the clouds over the mountain and turns heading to the bridge where the pig men stood. Tana sends Airwolf to investigate while Cassius stands his ground.

Before long the Airship approaches the bridge and there's a loud blast and the pig men, save one, are blown to bacon bits.  A second blast sounds and the bridge itself is destroyed, the airship turning and landing where there bridge once stood.  Cassius finishes off the last pig man.

Thrawn urges the caravan to turn around but the drivers panic and two wagons get stuck in ditches off the road.

A large door opens in the side of the ship and a swarm of goblins pours out.  On the deck of the ship can be seen a crazy looking dwarf with an eye patch and gems for teeth laughing maniacally.  Thrawn studies the airship's balloon and sees blue gems embedded into it.  Passing a Spout Lore, and being a magical technologist, he recognizes the device as a container for an elemental spirit, and the key to the container are the gems in it.

Cassius splatters multiple goblins in a single swing while Thrawn shoots his weapon at the gem, beginning to dislodge it.  Tana fires arrows at the gem and dislodges it, and the air elemental spirit begins to hiss out of the now unsecure balloon.

Thrawn joins Cassius and Tana maintains her distance, firing arrows at the swarm of goblins.  Airwolf flies to the deck of the ship, and amid much commotion and flying darts, emerges again with the gem in its claws, returning to his mistress.  She orders it to attack a goblin while she fires arrows.  The goblin goes down and Airwolf rips its jawbone off and returns with it as a prize.

Cassius engages in a gory splattefest with his maul, pooping goblins two at a time  while Thrawn swings his electric axe, missing, and some goblins evade them and begin bolting for the caravan over the hill.  Thrawn shoots one but only partially damages it and it trips and falls.  Two goblins charge Tana and she shoots one while the other knocks her to the ground.  She grabs her spear and skerwers him groin to skull.

The remaining goblins still in the ship retreat while Cassius sprints after the two, now split up, heading for the caravan.  One reaches the foremost wagon and leaps on while the drivers, panicked, try to drive off.  Cassius runs alongside and swipes the goblin with his maul, it flies off and splits it skull on a rock.  He begins to question Adrik about what the pirate might want, and Adrick admits they're after his Earth Elemental trapped in the cube.  He chose to transport it in a small caravan so as not to attract the attention of thieves and pirates.  Just then the last goblin (who was shot previously) is seen by Adrick running up behind Cassius.  And Adrik fells it with a spell that burns it to a crisp.

Returning to the ship, Tana (with her spear now recovered and her Hawk on her shoulder), Cassius and Thrawn enter the ship. The lower deck of the ship appears to be a cargo bay, dimly lit with hanging lamps.  Thrawn uses his electric axe to give some illumination.  There's barrels and crates.  Tana pulls out a crowbar and begins popping the lids of the barrels, finding mostly stinky goblin food and some machine parts.  There's talk of finding a switch to open another door on the other side of the cargo bay.  Thrawn turns his attention to a door in the aft of the ship while Cassius goes toward the bow, where there's a ladder.  Several goblin faces can be seen and they hurl darts at the brave Paladin, then retreating.  Cassius decides to follow them up the ladder.

Tana checks out a door in the bow, finding a latrine.  She returns to popping crates, finding one filled with small brass statues of various animals.  The first real loot of the adventure.  She takes one and puts it in her pack.

Thrawn tries to pick the lock with the screwdriver end of his electric axe, but to no avail.

Upstairs, Cassius finds the gunnery room in the bow.  Two large steel tubes encrusted with blue gems akin to those on the now deflated balloon. On the walls are racks with very large stones (the obvious projectiles). He tries to smash the tubes, but only leaves dents.  He opens the door leading aftward, seeing a sleeping quarters strung with hammocks and is confronted by six goblins and a large, great dane with filed teeth.  Those teeth being various colors of gems.   A melee begins, Thrawn dashes up the ladder to help his friend.

The dog lunges at Cassius, knocking him down.  Cassius throws off the dog and it is stunned as it hits a support beam.  Thrawn picks up Cassius and Tana enters the gunnery room.  "Get out of the way" she says, an arrow knocked and ready to fire.  Thrawn enters the room, and Tana lets fly, hitting a goblin while Airwolf dashes in, ripping out its eyeballs and returning.  Airwolf eats an eyeball and gives one to his mum as a prize (eww).

The three finish off the goblins and the dog, taking it's gemmed teeth as a prize.  The last goblin is questioned, and under duress, says the captain is working for someone called "The Dentist" who can be in two places at once.  He is the executed. It is quiet for a while.  They explore aftward, finding a small kitchen with pots of goblin crud still on the boil.  Opposite is a door to an unknown room.  Trying the door, Thrawn's hand becomes stuck to the knob.  A pair of 2 dimensional eyes open on the door and a long, almost psuedopod of a fist reaches out to punch him.  He gets clocked and takes a bruise.  Tana takes her crowbar and jams it in the eye of this creature-door.  One eye goes dark, and it absorbs the crowbar, which now floats in a goo of it's translucent body.  Thrawn gets flung backwards into the kitchen, banging into pots and spilling goblin crud all overhimself as the creature now assumes humanoid form and goes to attack the rest of the team.  Tana figures burning it with the oil from one of the hanging lamps might work, but before she can do it, Cassius lays into the beast with his maul and it splatters into dozens of jello fragments, landing especially on Thrawn.

Thrawn tries to keep his dignity, and they open the door to the cabin.  Tana returns to the lower deck to try to find the switch to open the other door.  Meanwhile Cassius, in a rush to go lay down so justice, ascends to the deck to mop up the remnants of the goblins.  Before Thrawn can open a chest, he hears the sounds of battle upstairs. He rushes to help his friend.

Tana takes bits and pieces of wire and machinery and uses them as improvised lock picks, trying to pick the door lock in the aft of the cargo bay. She succeeds, but a blast of steam comes out of the lock, scalding her slightly but otherwise not hurting her.  She enters and finds the engine room: two cubes connected by pipes that lead to an exhaust pipe out the back of the ship.  One has red gems and the other has clear ones.  There's doors on the the starboard and larboad sides of the room.

Up on the deck, A hail of darts from the poop deck suppress Thrawn as he takes cover behind slightly elevated quarterdeck.   The mad dwarf can be heard shouting curses and urging his goblins to attack.  Cassius dodges incoming darts and kills one goblin, the rest fleeing up to their comrades.  After a short fight, the two ascend the poop to confront dwarf Bolgur and his two remaining goblins.  They find Bolgur in a small basket and balloon and the two goblins rapidly pumping some kind of apparattus to inflate the balloon attached to the basket.

Thrawn uses his last shot to blow a hole in the balloon.  The three enemies then surrender.  Cassius delivers swift justice to the goblins but Thrawn stops him before Bolgur is finished.  They order Bolgur to disarm.  He tosses down his cutlass, his eye patch (revealing a perfectly healthy eye underneath), and knives from every sleeve, pantleg, and from under his hat.  He tosses his trousers, standing in just his shorts and shirt, surrenders.  They question him.  He whines, begs for mercy.  "*I* won't kill you" says Thrawn.  Cassius delivers justice, black templar style.

Meanwhile Tana returns to the deck, informing her comrades that she found the switch.  With just one foe remaining, and two doors to the poop cabin, they pair off.  Cassius to the right, Thrawn and Tana to the left.  Cassius bangs on the door with his hammer.  "Open in the name of the black templar."  The door explodes, Cassius is flung back, wacking his head on a raised platform.  The room appears full of smoke.  Thrawn begins chopping at the door with his axe.  Tana gives the weakened door a kick and it falls open.  Inside there's an gaunt, creepy looking elf staring at them calmly.  It doesn't respond to any words.  Thrawn goes to poke it with his axe, but his axe goes through the image.

Now Cassius recovers and charges the now open cabin, where The Dentist awaits him.  He dodges a magical blast of energy and shatters the right arm of his foe.  He then breaks the elf's legs.  The Dentist passes out.

The tie him to the bed in the other room, and the Paladin lays on hands to heal him.  In his rage, he absorbs the injury rather than just healing it.  The Paladin feels sick and weak.  Thrawn goes to question him, but Cassius says "let me do my thing."

He slaps the elf.  "Who are you working for?"

The elf denies working for anyone.  Another slap.  The same question.  Another denial.  He's just a dentist, that's all.  The Paladin says "By the law of the Black Templar I order you answer our questions!"

The elf talks.  He wanted to seize the earth elemental for his ship.  Once imbued into the hull of the ship, it would be nearly invulnerable.  There are warrants for his arrest in seven cities.  He really is a dentist.  He works for himself.  He employs goblins because they're cheap as as long as you feed them, they'll fight for you.

Cassius does his thing again with his maul.

They loot the chest in room and find 1700 coin worth of gems and gold.  Aside from dental tools, nothing else of particular value was found.

The three return to the engine room.  The engine runs on steam generated by the interactions of a trapped fire elemental and trapped a water elemental.

They open the door on the other side of the cargo bay, and the caravan drives through.  They make it to Academ and get their pay.  The academy plans to send a team to remove the ship and build a new bridge.  The heroes stay at an inn.

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