Monday, May 26, 2014

Holiday Themed NPCs

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Frost the Snow Demon

STAMINA 20 (varies, see below)
Intelligence: High
Reaction: Friendly at first, then Hostile
Armor: varies with size and thickness of figure
Weapon: Any

Frost is a demon attached to an enchanted hat which will animate any figure built of snow. He likes to inflict cold, frosty doom upon anyone he can get his hands on, especially children. He's been known to bury victims in snow, or throwing them into frozen lakes, or impaling them with icicles. Anyone who tries on his hat will become obsessed with building a snowman at the first opportunity (with all the typical accouterments) and placing the hat upon it. It will not be obvious to anyone but the wisest that there's something wrong with the hat.

Frost takes double damage from heat based attacks and spells but is resistant to cold. Frost can use additional snow to repair injuries. Removing the magic hat from his head will de-animate the snowy figure.

Frost's Stamina and Armor will vary with the size of the snow creature. If Frost will inevitably melt in the spring weather, he'll pick a place where his magical hat is likely to be found by some child to be used the following year.

Santa Claus
Armor: Light Monster Armor (Heavy coat and fat belly)
Intelligence: High
Reaction: Friendly

Santa Claus can gain Stamina from any number of provisions in a day. He knows Sorcery spells. Santa Claus carries a magic sack of gifts. He will give a gift to any well behaved character. He will not give a gift to any character who has behaved badly in this or the previous game session. Such as: Killing a surrendered or defenseless creature, stealing, telling lies to cover up evil. To such persons he will give a small pouch of coal.

Santa will attempt to strike any attacker with a large chunk of coal. Anyone hit by the coal will be cursed with intense shame and take -2 Penalty to all actions. May test Luck each hour to remove the curse or wait 24 hours for the curse to be lifted.

Santa is loathe to hurt anyone and will use his knowledge of sorcery for defense, escape, and to help deliver gifts. Santa can use the spell GOB to summon a small elfish servant (rather than a goblin).

If Santa's Sack is stolen, it will contain 1d6 random items (spoons, socks,chalk and slate, wooden toys, etc), 1d6 items useful for adventurers, 1d6 magical items, and luxury gifts worth 1d6 x 100 gold pieces.

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