Sunday, December 7, 2014

PBF Shaggradd's Hives of Peril

I just solicited adventurers for a PBF of Fighting Fantasy over on Rpggeek.  I'm looking forward to playing.  I'm posting the list of my rules mods here for easy reference.

All dice rolls are Roll High + Stat.

Luck can be used in place of Skill if the character has low Skill.  This will let weak characters get a few lucky breaks, if they want to blow their luck on fights, jumping pits, etc.

1 Handed Weapons do 2 damage.
2 Handed  heavy weapons like Claymores, Battle Axes, heavy flails, scythes, etc. do 3.
Any armor gives a per-encounter damage soak.

Characters start with:

weapon of choice
lantern or torches
5 provisions

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