Wednesday, February 5, 2014

More Rules Revisions and Simplifying Battle

I've finished my tinkering with the AFF combat system.  Here's what I'm going with at my next game:

All 1 handed weapons do 2 damage.  Two-handed heavy weapons do 4.   If non-weapons are used as weapons, I'll improvise their damage as needed.  Monster attacks, if they're basic FF monsters from the old version of Out of the Pit, will do the damage described.  
Armor has a per-encounter damage soak.  Light armor soaks 2, Medium soaks 4, Heavy soaks 6.

A shield will soak 2 per encounter.  This is when the shield is used passively.  If the character decides to take a purely defensive action, it will give a bonus to the contested die roll.  Not sure about other gear like helms, gauntlets, etc.

Armor skill will be similar to AFF.  Leather needs 1, Chain 2, Plate 3 (maybe 4).  Any deficiency in Armor Skill will penalize actions taken while wearing it.

For extended encounters, I will "reset" armor from time to time so they can take more hits. 

Players can burn their Luck without rolling to boost damage or die rolls. 

I'm still torn about character generation.  If they want to port their characters from Dungeon World, then that's ready to go.   

If they want new characters, I'm not sure whether to use the die roll system near the back of the AFF2 book:  Start with: SK 3 ST 3 LK 5 MG 0 and roll 4 dice, adding one die to any stat, and up to 2 dice to Stamina.  

Or do I use the old system from AFF1: D6+6 for SK and LK, 2D6+12 for Stamina.  If I use the old system, then Special Skill points will be given inversely to the quality of the Skill stat.  ((12 - SKILL) * 2)  + 6.  And then for each Special Skill you put into Magic, it deducts one point from base Skill.  Your total Magic Stat then is SKILL + Magic Special Skill.  

I don't like making hugely powerful characters at level 1.  12 Skill in the FF books was fine, because the vast majority of the time it was combat skill.  A 12 Skill now means you're a superhero.  If you're a superhero, why are you adventuring?

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